Here at Granite Lane, we FIRMLY believe your home should be an inspiring place where you want to spend most of your time.

Art is undoubtedly a design element that can help with this. (Honestly... it’s proven that art makes us happy and improves our wellbeing). Plus, it's a powerful design tool for any room that can help set the tone for all of your other styling elements.

And while often art is seen as a luxury, it surprisingly doesn't need to be as costly as you think… 

The fine print
Okay, we aren't that naive... We know that purchasing original artwork is a serious investment, but don't worry, you don't have to hold the avo on toast just yet. Our Limited Edition Prints are produced at an extremely high resolution and can look just as amazing hanging on your wall. With only a small print run for each piece, you are still getting something uber special - just at a fraction of the cost.

Adeline - by Jen Sievers
View here

Add some dimension
We hope we don't offend anyone here, but rooms without artwork can look pretty flat. Artwork - whether it's a painting or something more dimensional like a sculpture, can immediately add dimension, colour and style to your space.  

We love finding the perfect side by side pieces, or multiple pieces for different walls that compliment each other to really add some fun to your space.

Flowerbed IV by Kimmy Hogan
View here

Do it yourself
Here at Granite Lane, we are all about evoking that creative side from our clients! (Granted, this doesn't apply to everyone), but if you are artistically inclined, why not give it a crack! 

Okay, so when we say give it a crack – we mean something like an abstract painting on a large canvas, a raw piece of pottery or a photographic print! Hit up Pinterest or Instagram for some DIY inspiration!

Mix + Match
We absolutely love the look of a well-curated gallery wall – especially when it comes to showing off all the favourite art pieces you have collected over the years.

But before you reach for the drill and nails, have an idea about the effect you want to create. By planning your design and mapping it out first, you can ensure that it will be balanced and aesthetically pleasing in a purposeful manner, as opposed to it appearing mismatched.

Space by The Grace Collective

Let it speak to you
Knowing how to choose art for your home is part gut instinct, part learning.  But if you take anything away from today, let it be this: Artwork needs to speak to you. To inspire you every day – you need to feel it. 

And if that’s too overwhelming…

Let us pick something for you!
This is one of the best parts of our jobs – picking that perfect piece for your home. Joh, Bianca and Ev are pros at sourcing modern and creative artwork that perfectly reflects each client's aesthetic and lifestyle. 

We also have access to several Australian artists' prints and can pre-order a variety of pieces for you! 

Check out some of our range online here!

Resort'21 by Marcia Priestley
View here

If you're interested in art selections for your home, we are only an email, phone call or Instagram DM away. Send us some images of your space and we will help you to bring it to life! 💕

April 26, 2022