Jen Sievers is a master of painting joy. With her vibrant acrylic paints, she creates art that bursts with fresh colors, captivating sweeping lines, and a contemporary flair. While she has explored abstract and portraiture, she has discovered her true artistic calling in contemporary abstracted landscapes. It's safe to say that color is her love language.

With an insatiable passion for her craft, Jen paints tirelessly in her home studio nestled in the foothills of the Waitakeres, New Zealand. Balancing her role as a dedicated mother with her ever-evolving creative pursuits, she finds solace in the sanctuary of her studio, where she hatches plans for new and exciting projects that fuel her artistic spirit.

Jen Sievers is an artist who thrives on capturing the essence of joy and infusing it into her breathtaking artworks. Her dedication and artistic talent shine through in every brushstroke, leaving a trail of inspiration and delight in her wake.

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