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Art has been an integral part of Angela Hawkey's life since she can remember. Introduced to oil painting by her talented Grandfather, a landscape artist, Angie's passion for this medium was ignited.

Angie's artistic approach focuses on bringing joy through texture, colour, and shape rather than striving for perfect representation. Her paintings are renowned for their abundant application of oil paint. She believes there's no such thing as too much paint on the canvas. With thick, buttery layers applied using a palette knife, her artworks gain an extra dimension. Angie embraces the tactile aspect of her art, delighting in the fact that people are drawn to touch and interact with her work.

Playfulness and fun infuse Angie's creations, uplifting the viewer and evoking a sense of happiness and contentment. Her artistic repertoire is diverse, as she constantly seeks to explore new avenues and keep her works fresh and evolving.

Angie's art has garnered recognition worldwide, with her pieces finding a place in private collections across the US, UK, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. When visiting Angie's studio, you'll find her standing amidst her artworks, carefully observing them as they rest in a drying rack, a testament to her ongoing artistic journey.

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