Ree Hodges, a visual artist situated in Newcastle, Australia, encapsulates a delicate and feminine aesthetic in her artwork, often evoking feelings of serenity and tranquility.

As a self-taught artist, Ree's practice is intuitive, primarily utilising acrylics and occasionally incorporating mixed media.

Her creative journey commences with a vibrant exploration of colour, drawing inspiration from the beauty of everyday elements such as nature, emotions, personal experiences, design, and music.

"In her role as an artist, Ree is captivated by the allure of soft tones and graceful shapes. The hallmark of her abstract pieces lies in the creation of serene marks, establishing an atmosphere of rest and tranquility. Her artistic aim is to provide moments of respite and relaxation in a bustling world. Ree intends for her work to act as a comforting presence in any space, encouraging viewers to pause and discover solace in the simplicity of her art.