Vanni, previously known as Vanessa Wendland, is a self-taught abstract artist hailing from Berlin, Germany. Her artistic journey is driven by a deep passion for collecting and celebrating the beauty of everyday life. These uplifting treasures become subconsciously intertwined within her paintings, infusing them with a unique essence.

Vanni's art is a vibrant expression of sensations, brought to life through a mesmerizing interplay of colours, playful shapes, and captivating compositions. Each artwork becomes a visual symphony, capturing the essence of emotion and evoking a sense of joy and wonder.

As an artist, Vanni embraces the power of abstract art to transcend the boundaries of representation and invite viewers into a realm where their own interpretations and emotions can come alive. Her ability to create harmonious compositions that resonate with the human experience is a testament to her intuitive approach and innate artistic talent.

With each stroke of the brush, Vanni invites us to embrace the beauty of the world around us and discover the magic that lies within the ordinary. 

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