Our dedicated and experienced styling team is driven by a passion for crafting spaces that seamlessly align with your unique lifestyle and requirements.

Our primary goal is to transform the styling process from a stressful endeavour into a delightful and interactive experience. We focus on curating spaces that bring joy not only to you but also to every individual who sets foot in your home.

Get Acquainted with the Granite Lane Styling Team:

Not sure which of our talented stylists to choose for your project? Just like our diverse clientele, each member of our team possesses their own distinct style, allowing you to select the one that best resonates with your vision.

Founder and Lead Stylist


Welcome! I'm thrilled that you've discovered us. Nearly a decade ago, I founded Granite Lane with a mission to bring beautiful homewares and furniture to Australian homes.

As the leader of our styling team, my role entails overseeing all of our client projects. I have a deep passion for working with clients to design beautiful and tranquil spaces—rooms that offer a haven of relaxation at the end of a hectic day.

Our styling packages are designed to alleviate the stress of completing your home. We are immersed in all things related to interiors and can collaborate with your personal style to create a harmonious space that both you and your family will cherish.

My personal style is best described as modern Australian. I adore employing a neutral colour palette enriched with complementary textures, along with the infusion of soft tones through artwork and styling pieces, which infuse personality and character into a home.

Thank you for considering Granite Lane for your interior needs.

 Interior Stylist


Meet Joh, an Interior Stylist who has been an essential part of the Granite Lane team for the past six years, initially joining in a marketing role back in 2017.

With a lifelong passion for creativity and a deep love for interior design, Joh jumped at the opportunity to study Interior Design. This decision, allowed her to refine her skills and turn an artistic talent into a fulfilling career.

Joh has a deep passion for transforming her clients' homes, with a primary goal of crafting an ambience that bestows upon them the delightful sensation of a 'holiday at home.'

Her personal style can best be described as laidback coastal, yet she maintains an enthusiasm for finer details such as ornate cornices and elegant ceiling roses.

However, Joh's true joy in interior styling emerges during the installation phase. Witnessing the delight on her clients' faces as their newly designed spaces come to life is an experience that Joh cherishes.

For Joh, there's nothing quite like the fulfilment of bringing a client's vision to life.

Interior Stylist


Ev has been a valued member of the Granite Lane Team since 2021, bringing her passion and expertise to our team.

From a young age, Ev has been captivated by the world of interior design. When she's not at the store, you'll often find her engrossed in interior magazines or vigorously researching new brands and unique, Australian products.

Her design philosophy leans towards interiors that are bathed in light and boast a minimalist aesthetic. She enjoys the art of layering with art and textures to infuse spaces with personality and warmth. Additionally, she has a keen eye for blending modern Australian and mid-century pieces to create timeless and inviting spaces.

What Ev values most about her job is the opportunity to help clients curate enduring pieces that contribute to homes filled with joy.