Who is GoodWeave and what do they do? 
GoodWeave is a not-for-profit global organisation that is on a mission to put an end to child-based labour especially with regard to the weaving of rugs. Any rug that proudly displays a distinctive blue, gold and white logo is certified to have been made by adults.

Did you know that nearly one out of every ten children in the world works as a child labourer? Children must be allowed to be free and to pursue their aspirations. They must be allowed, at the absolute least, to be children. As such, GoodWeave is dedicated to putting a stop to child labour in carpet weaving communities all over the world.

GoodWeave envisions a world in which no child is forced to labour instead of attending school, and where children have the freedom, access to education, and a right to a childhood. It accomplishes this by supporting weaving families, rescuing and training child labourers, monitoring supply chains, and, of course, certifying child-labour-free rugs.

Making a Difference with GoodWeave Rugs
There’s nothing like a beautiful artisan rug to give your home an instant style update. When you choose a stunning handmade piece featuring the GoodWeave label, you’re doing more than refreshing your space. You’re taking a stand against child labour and supporting education and ethical work for adults in communities around the globe.

With offices in India, Nepal, and Afghanistan’s weaving communities, GoodWeave brings transparency to global supply chains—not only for rugs but also for apparel, home textiles, jewellery, bricks, and tea. This ensures that GoodWeave-certified products are free from child, forced, and bonded labour, giving marginalised workers a voice.

The organisation has rescued more than 7,000 children from child labour, provided quality education to over 37,000 rescued and vulnerable children, and helped prevent hundreds of thousands of children from ever entering this exploitative trade.

The Process
To ensure certified GoodWeave producers consistently meet the criteria to be able to display the GoodWeave label, and that that workplace conditions are both documented and verifiable, regular audits are carried out at various points in the production process. The factories where the rugs are handcrafted are inspected, and in areas where children are particularly vulnerable to slave labour, GoodWeave implements ‘Child Friendly Communities’ (CFC). These provide the kids with education, which has been shown is directly related to decreased child labour.

GoodWeave also have dedicated teams, including social workers within local communities, who make unscheduled visits throughout the year to make sure that no child labour is happening.

A separate annual audit ensures that the producers of artisan rugs are doing the right thing by their workers: recognising freedom of association and collective bargaining; that there is no discrimination going on; that decent working conditions, including health and safety, wages, working hours and disciplinary practices, are implemented and respected; and that any negative environmental impacts of rug production are minimised.


Our Commitment

We are proud to be an official GoodWeave International licensee. In collaboration with GoodWeave, we are dedicated to allowing children to enjoy their childhood. Our commitment ensures that all our rugs are handcrafted exclusively by adults. We aim to illuminate hidden supply chains, amplify the voices of vulnerable workers, protect childhood, and ensure none of our rugs involve child labour.

By choosing a GoodWeave-certified rug from Granite Lane, you’re not only enhancing your home’s aesthetic but also contributing to a global movement towards ethical craftsmanship and social justice.