We have to admit, we are seriously loving this cooler weather. Nothing makes us happier than sitting in the store, watching the rain come in and drinking a hot chocolate with the team. 

The rugs, the cushions, the extra bedding, it’s what makes winter styling so fun.

If you need some serious design inspo to get through the colder months, the Granite Lane ladies have you covered...

1. Rug up
There’s nothing like taking off your shoes at the end of a long day with the touch of something soft and cosy under your feet. Lucky for you, we’ve just received an assortment of rugs that will help you check off tip #1 in no time.

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2. Cushion up your sofa
You know us – we already think that more is better when it comes to cushions on your sofa, but this is especially true in winter. You’ll find us curled up with a good book and a red wine on a Friday night – with our cushions providing that extra bit of comfort.

Cushion collection

3. Add a throw.. or two
Yeh we know, a blanket in winter, revolutionary... But this tip is more about the actual stacking of blankets (like in a basket) or throwing them over the back of furniture for a more modern look. The Jamin Wool Throw is the perfect addition to increase your cosy factor. 

Jasmine Wool Throw

4. Get yourself a cute mug
You’re going to need a cute mug for all those hot chocolates you’ll be drinking! (Or if you're not chocolate obsessed like us you can use it for your tea or coffee). Here’s what we’ve been indulging in lately...

Robert Gordon Mugs

5. Coffee table books (that you actually want to read).
Do you want something to go with that red wine tonight that doesn't involve a Netflix re-run of Bridgerton? Our coffee table books are more than a pretty face and provide the perfect reading for all you interior design enthusiasts.


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May 13, 2022