We recently spoke to the team at Tribe Home to explore their latest winter collection and delve into the concept of their newest designs. Join us as we uncover the inspirations, materials, and sustainable practices woven into each rug, offering insights into how they seamlessly complement diverse interior styles, embarking on a journey through texture, colour, and Australian craftsmanship.

What are the latest Tribe Home rug releases for this winter season?
Our latest collection comprises 14 designs that will immerse you in a symphony of textures, tones and schemes. These designs range from our high-piled Metro rug, whose chunky felted wool pile will add instant dimension to interiors, to our bold Roam rugs which are available in four grounding colourways and handwoven with hand-carded wool.

Our 23/24 Collection embraces subtle yet intricate motifs, refined colour palettes, and a commitment to sustainable fibres. Each design is steeped with unique character, and perfect to warm up your interiors this winter.

Can you tell us about the materials used in the new winter rug collection?
This latest collection has a focus on sustainable fibres, with the use of wool, cotton and recycled PET yarn making up the composition of all rugs included in the collection. The use of wool in our designs not only helps to create plush and inviting spaces, but it is also one of the easiest fibres to care for and clean – making them perfect for high traffic areas of the home.

How do the new rugs from Tribe Home complement different interior styles?

The rugs within our collection incorporate Santa Fe Style, Hacienda Design and European Influence enabling diverse schemes to coalesce and stand out – whether used to create a cohesive story that flows through your home and projects, or as standalone pieces. Each rug within this collection was curated with intention, and the desire to act as a canvas for any interior scheme.

Are there any sustainable practices incorporated into the production of the new collection?
As mentioned above, this collection has a strong focus on the use of sustainable fibres. The two main fibres we have used in this collection are wool and recycled PET yarn. PET yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles and is spun into the soft yarns used in our indoor/outdoor Finn rugs. The use of PET yarn enables our Finn design to be both Vegan and Allergen friendly in addition to contributing to the reduction in landfill.

Could you highlight some key features or standout pieces from the upcoming collection?
Our collection is a celebration of colour and texture, bringing a vibrant and tactile experience to every space. The standout features of this collection is the bold and diverse colour palette that have been curated amongst the rug designs. Each rug has been designed to bring personality and warmth to each room they are placed.

How do you recommend incorporating these new rugs into existing home decor?
Simply adding a new rug to your space with existing furniture can change the whole character and atmosphere. The rugs from our new collection can be styled in a multitude of ways – they can be used to pare back your interiors or to make a statement. We would recommend finding a colour or style you are wanting to highlight or accentuate in your existing interior scheme. Once you have selected this you can then begin your journey to find the perfect handmade rug for your home. Alternatively, if you are wanting a complete refresh, we are big believers in selecting a rug first that you a drawn to and then building your scheme around it.

Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the quality of the winter rugs?
Combing your care with regular vacuuming, trimming, rotation, protection solutions and qualified professional cleans will go a long way in extending the life of your handmade rug.
With all of our rugs we recommend vacuuming on low, once a week. Avoid using pet vacuums or vacuums with rotator heads as these can aggravate the pile of our rugs and increase shedding and pilling. If your rugs are in high traffic areas it is always best to have them protected with a Micro Seal or Fibre Protector to help prevent stains caused by spills, accidents and even wet or muddy feet during the cooler seasons. All our rugs come with a care card attached to help you best care for your brand new rug.

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May 07, 2024