Today we celebrate the work of Jen Sievers - a New Zealand Artist and author who has been capturing hearts all over the world with her soulful and playful paintings.

In her latest collection, Chasing Awe, Jen seeks to portray her sense of awe and wonder for our beautiful planet. She is constantly fascinated by different places, which is the main subject of her art - often executed on large canvasses with contemporary and playful colours. 

When Jen's not inspiring us all to travel the South Island and immersing us in a powerful feeling of joy through her paintings, she's exploring new ventures, like starting up her own homewares brand, JenJen Home. (Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one, we know it’s going to be a goodie!)

Jen's work pulsates with energy, vitality, and sheer joy and in speaking with her, her demeanour mirrors the same qualities.

With the release of her latest collection, we thought it was only fitting to get cosy and take a more intimate look at Jen's work…

Enjoy the interview with this very cool and talented woman! 
1. You’ve just released your latest collection, Chasing Awe, congratulations! How are you feeling about it now that it’s out in the world? 
Thank You! It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing people respond well to my work. The series was a joy to work on - from start to finish, and it feels like people can feel that joy and are sharing in it. It’s such a great feeling.

2. What are you seeking to portray in this collection? What is fundamental to your art– your philosophy and your approach?
This collection, and so much of my work, seeks to portray my sense of awe and wonder for our beautiful planet. Being immersed in a landscape comes with such a powerful feeling of joy, I want people to feel that with me and in their homes for years to come.

3. The series captures your trip around the South Island of New Zealand. Why do you think your art resonates so well with your Australian audience too?
It’s amazing how many Australians are interested in artworks of the South Island. I regularly get messages requesting places in the South Island for commissions. I think many Australians have either travelled there or would like to travel there. I also think a lot of people choose their art for a feeling it gives them and the colours in the palette and not too much based on where the scene is. It might remind them of another place they’ve been to - and I love that too!

4. Any interesting/ funny/ quirky facts about Chasing Awe you could share with us?
Well, the trip we took was a family holiday with my husband and eight-year-old daughter in my in-laws' motorhome. We were very excited to show our daughter such a beautiful part of the world, but she was bored out of her mind a lot of the time! A classic eight (going on fifteen) year old moment was when we were on the most magnificent boat trip through Milford Sound - possibly one of the most stunning places on the planet - and she asked if she could play some games on my phone because it was boring and "Not as pretty as Mt Cook". (The answer was no).

5. What invaluable lessons did you learn while creating Chasing Awe that took your career to the next level?
I think I managed to trust myself more than before. I tried new techniques and styles and really let myself play in my studio, putting even more heart and authenticity into each piece. I’m also realising more and more that I adore painting places that I’ve actually been to, which is a great excuse to travel the world!

6. What advice would you have to emerging artists who want to follow your path?
Do it, and do it with your whole heart. The first few years can be really up and down, soul-destroying and vulnerable. But if you keep at it, keep listening to your intuition, keep playing and trying new things, and keep treating it like a viable business - it’ll all be worth it!

7. What are some of your methods to staying motivated, focused and expressive?
Motivation, luckily, isn’t generally a problem for me. I’m so in love with my job that I want to work all weekend (it drives my family nuts, so I try to work half days). But if there’s ever a moment where things feel a bit overwhelming with a huge to-do list, or commissions piling up, I find it helps to clear my creative mind with a painting just for fun - something quick and easy and pressure-free, with no real purpose. I also love a good studio tidy up to make things feel fresh and new.

8. Any exciting plans for the future or top-secret collaborations that you can share with us?
My biggest, most exciting new thing is my new homewares brand, launching in a few months. It’s called JenJen Home, and I’m equal parts thrilled and terrified that I’m doing it. My first drop will be a range of cushions, tablecloths and napkins… and if that goes well… then there will be heaps more than that in the future!


Time to get real with Jen: 

+ If I was not an artist, I would be... 
I was a graphic designer for 18 years, but I’ve done that now! I would have to be a professional beach dweller on a tropical island.

+ Favourite city and why?
Cape Town - I’m from South Africa and lived in Cape Town for many years. It’s surrounded by amazing beaches, has a massive and stunning mountain right in the middle of it, and has some of the best food, wine, and people! (Although I haven’t been there in AGES, I’m sure it’s all still true).

+ What’s the best mistake you have ever made?
One that comes to mind is a painting I did years ago - it was such a mess that I started painting over it with a flat pale mauve - while I was halfway through painting over it, I discovered a new style of layering that eventually led to how I paint today.

+ What’s one thing other people may not know about you? 
I’m completely addicted to very hot chillies and cover most of my meals in some sort of very hot sauce or cayenne pepper! My husband (bless his heart) understands how important this is and grows his own Habaneros and makes the hottest hot sauce for us at home.


We have three of Jen's latest prints from her Chasing Awe collection available to purchase. For the full collection, visit: 

1. Finding Light 
Available to purchase here

2. Our Soaring Hearts
Available to purchase here

3. And Here We Are
Available to purchase here 

July 11, 2022