Mid to late last year, we started the long winded journey of finding our perfect rental. After years of apartment living, it was time for a bit of an upgrade in the space department and for my partner who is an avid weekend surfer, the whole 12 minute journey to the beach was just too far (insert eye roll here...)

Now when it comes to homes, I am pretty picky to say the least! The must haves were:

1. A coastal location

2. Fresh, bright and airy interiors

3. A cute backyard 

After months of searching, and what seemed like a million home opens we finally set our eyes on a Scarborough beauty.

Built in the 1950's and recently renovated, it ticked all of our boxes and more. We instantly fell in love and signed up for the first viewing available.


Little did we know that approximately 80 other people were just as eager as us to go to the first home open. We raced home, filled out what felt like our millionth application and sent that bad boy off - hoping to be one of the first to get ours in.

A few days rolled past and we knew we were clutching at straws when it came to this place. I mean how do you compete with that many potential applications. Everyone looks pretty plain on paper right?

But the house gods were on our side - and within a week we had signed on that little dotted line. 

Fast forward nearly six months and we have certainly made ourselves at home. Having the most amazing range of furniture and decor items available at my hot little fingertips, our place has very much become the Granite Lane home. 

With styling help from our super talented Interior Styling Team, we have created the ultimate coastal home, that is bright and airy but still oozing with comfort. 

We introduced a lot of natural materials in to our styling such as Rattan, Seagrass and light washed timber to add a light, laid back feel to the rooms.

Then we added some personality with pops of pastel pink, deep and earthy greens and plants in every corner available.

Oh and much to Chris's delight we are two minutes from the beach .... surf's up!

Check out the images below for a little peak in to our coastal abode. Many of the products featured are available to purchase through Granite Lane.

For more information on our Interior Styling Services, get in tough with our Styling Team now by emailing enquiries@granitelane.com.au or head on over to our Styling page for more details. 

Photography by The Aesthete Collective.


August 17, 2019