If there's one thing we recommend to upgrade as the temperature heats up, it's your bed. Why? Because refreshing your bed with light, airy layers and new colours will bring the cool comfort you crave this summer. 

With a sound night’s sleep on all our minds, we asked the Granite Lane styling team how to best make up your bed for the warmer weather. 

Let's get the quick and cost-effective steps to change the entire look and feel of your bedroom this season...

Step 1: Choose your summer sheets

When customising your bed, the first thing you should do is pick the right sheets and set the tone for breathability. If your fabric is too thick, you’ll just burrito all that hot air in with you. The girls recommend bamboo sheets, for their breathability and ability to help regulate your body temperature.

💡Bamboo sheets absorb much more moisture than cotton, (up to 300 per cent of its weight). This massively reduces the sticky humidity between the sheets and is your answer to a contented, cool, night's sleep.

Our Mulberry Threads Organic Bamboo range is also thermo regulating, meaning it not only keeps you cooler in summer, but also warmer in winter as well. 

Tried and tested on all of our beds at home, this is one of our go to brands for bedding!

Shop our Organic Bamboo Sheet Set.

Step 2: Pick your new, calming colours 

The Granite Lane styling girls are big believers that just like summer, your bed and bedroom should evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. "The easiest way to do that is styling with nature-inspired tones," says Bianca.

There are a few colours we absolutely love at Granite Lane at this time of year. Soft blues, sage and blush. The best part? Each contrasts beautifully with bright white layers.

💡Get to know our seasonal favourites and explore our entire colour selection here

Step 3: Run for a coverlet 

A coverlet is the light summer bedding layer you never knew you needed. If you are anything like us and can’t sleep without some sort of blanket, (when you feel like you're roasting but you like the weight of a quilt to help you drift off), a coverlet is for you.

💡 Look for lightweight materials such as cotton and linen when choosing your coverlet. Cotton and linen are particularly absorbent and have natural anti-microbial properties too!

Shop our Verona Quilt.

Step 4: Make a statement with seasonal cushions 

We know that your bedroom is your oasis (Ours is too!). Adding new, nature-inspired colours to your cushions will create the most relaxing atmosphere.  

Just remember a “summer pillow” is not all about a summery design. Pillows that are light-coloured or made of summer-weight fabrics can create a spectacular seasonal look in your bedroom. 

Shop our cushion collection.

Step 5: Top it off with a throw

We know we said keep it light, but did you really think we would let you get away with no accessorising?! The same rules apply for a throw as it does with sheets and a quilt. Find something light weight, highly breathable and try to keep it 100% cotton or linen.

💡It's worth spending extra on a good-quality throw. Remember - it's not only limited to the bedroom (think about all those couch naps after the beach this summer)!

Something like the Lottie Linen Throw, is the perfect seasonal pick.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to how they would like their bedding to feel. Pop in to the store to immerse your senses in the different fabrics in our bedding range. We know you will find something that you love and subsequently will wake up after the best night's sleep ever! 

September 27, 2022