It's been some time since we were introduced to Alisa and Lysandra from The Block: Sky High in 2013. Since winning their season, the twins have gone from strength to strength in their careers - founding Alisa & Lysandra Interiors, starting their renovation series, The Design Duo and launching their own brand - al.ive body.

While the sisters are always up to something creative (showcased above) - we touched base to talk about the launch of their new al.ive body range Raspberry Blossom and Juniper and Green Pepper & Lotus

Discover how the design duo incorporated the moody, deep tones of Australia’s flora and expanded their new colourways to meet ever-changing interior tastes and spaces.

1. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Alisa and Lysandra! You’ve just released your new wash & lotion range (Raspberry blossom & Juniper and Green Pepper & Lotus) to the public, congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit more about the launch?

Thank you, we are really excited about this launch! Our Wash & Lotion Duos are our hero product, so it is always exciting when we introduce new colourways and scents. These two new scents bring our Wash & Lotion line-up to 8, so there truly is something for everyone now. 

2. The colourways of these two products are so beautiful – where did the inspiration come for these? 

For these new colours, we were really inspired by the moody, deep tones of Australia’s flora. We love getting out and being in nature, so these colours were a nod to the beautiful tones you can find in our native trees and flowers. We love how sophisticated they look in the home and how extremely versatile they are, fitting a range of styles and aesthetics. 

3. Is this the direction you see the design world heading? 
Yes! We’re seeing more and more earthy tones in interiors - they really help ground a space. 

4. Talk to us a little bit more about your interior work! What exciting projects are you working on?
We always have so many exciting projects on the go! One we are working super hard on at the moment is our Design Duo series. We are building and designing two houses next door to each other. It is a huge project, but one we are so passionate about as it will be our home and a place we will share with our family and friends. 

5. Are there exciting plans for the future or top-secret collaborations that you can share with us?
Everything is top secret, but we do have some incredibly exciting new al.ive body collections launching soon that our amazing customers have been asking for. We have big plans to enter some new categories as well as extending some of our most loved ranges. We can’t wait to share them with the world! 

Time to get real with Lysandra + Alisa

+ Favourite city and why? 
As an avid lover of Sex in the City it's only fitting that i'd say New York. I've been there twice and it's just so nostalgic. 

+ What’s the best mistake you’ve both ever made? 
Geee, where do I start lol! I actually don't see anything I've done as being a mistake because every so-called "mistake" has got me where I am today. They are all lessons in life and I'm a massive believer of this. 

+ What’s one thing other people may not know about you? 
That Alisa and I got into the final round of Big Brother auditions lol!

+ Favourite go—to al.ive body product? 
Our lip balm! I seriously have one everywhere- in my handbag, in my car, by my desk. I’m never without it. 
+ Favourite city and why? 
Melbourne - it's very nostalgic for me and holds a lot of memories and friendships

+ What’s the best mistake you’ve both ever made? 

Getting into a previous business with someone who didn't align with my ethics and values. The positive was failing at flipping a house for a profit and realising that I never wanted to be at the mercy of relying on others in business again. 

+ What’s one thing other people may not know about you? 
That I represented Australia in the Sydney Youth Olympics for Volleyball. 

+ Favourite go—to al.ive body product? 
Our room sprays definitely have to be a favourite, especially the Black Currant & Caribbean Wood scent. 

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October 10, 2022