Rugs are an investment item and we know that choosing the perfect piece can sometimes be tricky. There are so many many factors to consider - size, colour, style and placement. But we're here to take the guesswork out of it and help you select the perfect piece for your home.

Where to start?

Setting the mood

This is a great place to start as you want your selection to compliment the feelings that you would like to evoke when in the space. Do you want a show stopping piece that is going to be the energy point of the room, or something more laid back to compliment a more relaxed living zone? By determining the desired feel of the space, you can narrow down the styles and particular tones that you are looking for.

Choosing the tone

Do you want something bold that will be the feature piece of the room? Or do you want something more neutral that seamlessly blends into the style of that space?

A colourful rug can be the starting ground for the whole colour scheme of your space. Its tone can be reflected in styling elements such as soft furnishings, artwork and vases to create a cohesive palette through out the space.

Do you have kids or pets? A rug with tonal variations is great for minimising the visibility of dirt or marks.

Alternatively a neutral toned rug that is a similar colour to your flooring or sofa will blend into the space and create a more laid back and relaxed look.

Lighter neutrals are ideal for creating an airy, open feel, while darker neutrals are great for grounding furniture and creating visual depth to a room.

Choosing the texture

Think about your living situation and how you already use the space you want to style.

Do you have a high traffic area? Then a flatter weave will be your friend and look good for years to come.

Will you have furniture moving across the rug? Then a rug with a tighter weave is recommended as it will be less likely to catch and snag.

Do you want something soft and cushy? Then wool or wool blend designs are your friend. The higher the pile, the softer your rug will be under foot.

Deciding on size

When it comes to selecting a size, we like to go by the saying that 'bigger is better'. There is nothing worse than having a rug that is too small for the space, leaving it feeling dis-jointed from the rest of the furniture.

Aim to chose a size where your furniture can be grounded to the rug, even if its just the front sofa legs, or end of the bed. It is better to have your furniture sitting on top of the rug rather than next to it.

Check out our little go-to guide of selecting the size and placement of your rug below.


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Rugs are often something you want to touch and feel before purchasing and our Rug Consultations allow you to do just that. Our team of stylists will bring a range of swatches to your home so you can see them in the space you are wanting to style. We will also help you chose the perfect size and placement for your particular room taking the stress and hassle out of the selection process.

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October 22, 2020