Renowned for her floral, feminine, and romantic artworks, Australian artist Kimmy Hogan has released her most experimental collection yet, and it's fair to say we are obsessed!

Finding beauty in imperfection, Kimmy explores new techniques in this latest chapter, proving that her art is always evolving and ever-changing.

Deeper and richer than ever before, Isla, Lotus, and Paloma are artworks bound together with Kimmy's signature warm palette.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kimmy to discuss (but most importantly, celebrate) the vibrancy and energy of this latest collection.


1. Hey, Kimmy! We’re really looking forward to this interview and the launch of your latest collection! What is the story behind this latest collection?

The new collection was very experimental and incorporated hundreds of original paint sketches as the hero in the artworks. The layering and interweaving of these paintings resulted in a more raw and textured feel to my work which is really exciting!

2. What was the inspiration behind it?
I have been inspired by a more exotic and lavish vibe and wanted to take my artwork on a tropical holiday. It was a lot of fun bringing in more textures, stripes, scribbles and contrasts of colour for a more vibrant energy. The brushy, flowy lines give it that imperfect look which I love.

3. Tell us a little bit about the colour palette of this. What was the thought process behind choosing it?
I have a signature warm palette of creams, pinks, yellows, browns and terracotta, however, I wanted to make them deeper and richer than before. This was fun to play with when it came to layering a bright pink stripe over gold and chocolate organic shapes. The palette really took this collection to that exotic destination I was after. 

4. How has your digital art style developed/evolved over time? How/why do you believe this evolution occurred?
My technique and style constantly evolve, with each new collection being like a new chapter in a book. I used to be far more rigid and detailed but have progressively let my hand go bigger, looser and more imperfect with my original drawings and paintings. Digitising my work that was created by hand means it’s capturing that essence of the original sketch and includes more of me into the finished work. It’s an incredible journey, and I don’t believe I will ever stop pushing myself to try new things.

5. How does this new collection differ from your previous work?
This collection incorporates my paint sketches as the hero of the artworks -whereas in the past the paint textures usually were just an accent. It has been fun to see this new concept come to life in this collection.

6. What feelings or reactions do you hope to receive from people who view this latest collection?
I hope people feel the vibrance and energy in these artworks and feel inspired to bring something fresh and new into their homes. I think a home should encompass someone’s personality and not play it too safe. I also hope these works show my desire to continue to experiment and grow as an artist.

7. I know you’ve just launched this new collection – but can you share some trade secrets for what’s next?!
I want to keep playing in this new painterly space and experiment with more colour palettes… maybe some classic neutrals, but also some dark cool greens and blacks.

8. Your vision, goals, projects or future collaborations?
I would love to see my art on some different products – I have a little passion project I’m working on but can’t say too much yet. Stay tuned! 

Getting to know you better… 

  1. What music do you like to listen to when you work?
    I love chill-out house music or movie soundtracks – depending on the vibe.
  1. What feelings, subjects or concepts inspire you as an artist?
    I navigate largely by feel. When I see new ideas or palettes in home interiors it makes me think about what kind of artwork might go in that space. And of course, nature and flowers and all their organic shapes and forms inspire my subject greatly!
  1. Favourite thing about being a digital artist?
    I create my digital artworks at an incredibly high resolution so they can be printed at any size flawlessly without compromise – no pixelation. My XL sizes are my most popular, with artwork printing crisp and perfect! I also love the flexibility to be able to resize to virtually any size required or tweak a colour if a client would like to customise artwork to suit their space.
  1. The one thing other people may not know about you?
    While I’m a very creative and artistic person I also love numbers and spreadsheets or any mind puzzle toys. During lockdown, I learnt how to solve a Rubik’s cube!
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June 14, 2023