Located near Perth's northern beaches, the Sorrento Home presents a modern take on the traditional coastal home, embracing a unique and contemporary form in a family setting. 

Designed to suit both a suburban block and a larger rural/beachside site, Sorrento Home is a marriage of coastal charm and industrial elegance - considering a minimalist design and neutral colour palette. 

Today, I am very excited to be exclusively showcasing the outstanding design.

With large open-plan living space and abundant natural light, the four bedroom home melds form, function and style to deliver a unique residence that defines seaside living.

The home required zoned living and it was the task of interior styling to pull those spaces together cohesively. 

The upstairs bedroom, stemming directly from the main living area, oozes modern sophistication. With an emphasis on natural light, the bedroom's atmosphere features nuances of light and shadows, distinguished by a relaxing atmosphere.

Dynamic textures and finishes in the interior selections add depth and personality to the space - bringing moments of delight throughout the day. 

By utilising zoning, colour, flow and considered art curation, each space acquires its own personality that is both relaxing and ultra-functional for big family living.

The result of the Sorrento Home proves high-end decorating and kids can absolutely mix. 
January 04, 2023