Founder of Marmoset Found, Nareen Holloway is self-confessed ceramic obsessed. She has spent the last ten years developing Marmoset Found to provide Australia with incredibly refined yet distinctive handmade ceramic pieces and glassware.  

Since finishing her Masters in International Development, Nareen has focused on sourcing ethical, sustainable, and understated pieces for everyday use. A connection to travelling the world not only inspired her but directly informed Marmoset Found.

Her ceramics now bask in an array of neutral, earthy colours, which enhance their wonderfully organic, hand-built forms. Each piece celebrates longevity, and culture and evolves as the craft does too.

This week, we spoke with Nareen to learn more about her artistic journey and her optimistic outlook on the decline of the disposable.

  1. Tell us a little bit about Marmoset Found and the history of the brand.
    Marmoset Found aims to bring beautiful yet functional handmade pieces to the home. Our range continues to evolve, making it perfect for adding to and collecting over time.  After pausing my career to have three children, I found I no longer wanted to return to my previous role and sought a more flexible way of earning. I undertook a Master of International Development that taught me the skills to do business ethically and sustainably, paving the way to start the Marmoset Found collection. In the days when we could travel more freely, I would travel to India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and China to find makers that supported my vision. Our manufacturers’ are small family businesses that I know well and would visit regularly and enjoy many dinners with the extended family! 

  2. You must have been interested in the design world for a while! At what point did you decide to start creating your beautiful ceramics and glass homewares?
    Yes, I have always been interested in design but before Marmoset Found, it was in the fashion industry. I became tired of the 'fast' fashion around me and became interested in products that celebrate longevity. This naturally led to the introduction of small batches of beautiful ceramics and glassware, all with a handmade element. When it comes to the design process, I mostly do this via hand sketches refined over time and through sampling.

  3. What is one of your favourite Marmoset Found pieces to date and why?
    The pieces that I use day in and day out. The small bowls that my family use for breakfast each day and often again for our evening meal! Oval plates in all sizes and the Yala jug that has a permanent place on our dining table. This tableware is hardy enough for everyday use, and the designs are timeless.

  4. What are your favourite materials to work with? Can you give an example of why?
    Definitely clay as there is so much variation and uniqueness in the finished product. We have been making pieces in our chalk colourway for over ten years but each batch will be slightly different to the next one depending on the clay used - it's so perfectly imperfect!

  5. Where do you continue to find inspiration for your newest collections?
    My most recent 'inspiration' trip was to Morocco. It was every bit as inspiring as I had hoped. Obviously, travel has not been an option these past few years, and I have spent time at the National Library researching beautiful shapes and textures. I also love a scroll through Instagram as much as the next person! In the next few weeks, I am off to a Design Fair in Paris, followed by a quick trip around Germany to see what interior trends are happening in Europe. 

  6. What is your secret to staying motivated, focused and expressive?
    I try to exercise every day and mix it up a bit. I'll do Pilates a couple of times a week or often a long walk with a friend. I find working in time blocks helps too. A few solid hours, followed by a break to get out in nature or play with my Kelpie pup. These breaks help me stay focused when I am in work mode.

  7. What can we expect next from Marmoset Found? 
    I have wanted to create a more comprehensive range of glass vases to sit alongside the ceramic vessels, and I am so excited to say that we are expanding our glass collection. The glass has already been so well received and I am so excited to add more pieces to this collection.

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September 19, 2022