Meet Ree, a self-taught artist whose abstract art reflects a journey from life's challenges to a unique, serene style.

Inspired by nature and emotion, Ree's art spans calm serenity to vibrant chaos, guided by spontaneous colour exploration. Her preferred mediums, acrylics and mixed media, craft a soft, feminine aesthetic that exudes peace.

Join us as we dive into Ree's distinctive artistic vision and the wellspring of inspiration that fuels her captivating creations -

From techniques to the stories behind her tranquil masterpieces, join us as we dive into Ree's distinctive artistic vision and captivating creations - now available for purchase at Granite Lane.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey as a self-taught artist? What led you to pursue art, and how did you develop your unique style?
I grew up in Pelican, a quaint coastal suburb south of Newcastle, NSW.

The spark of creativity has been a constant presence in my life. Despite exploring various creative hobbies in my youth, painting consistently drew me back in.
As time progressed, I found myself grappling with mental health challenges. In those difficult times, painting emerged as an outlet and provided both release and comfort.

Art began as a way to express thoughts and emotions that I found challenging to convey through words alone. It became a powerful tool for self-discovery and a means to connect with others on a deeper level.

I would say my style evolved organically through experimentation. I grapple with structure, so abstraction has harnessed that side of my personality.

2. You mention drawing inspiration from everyday elements like nature, emotion, personal experiences, design, and music. Could you elaborate on how these influences manifest in your artwork? Are there specific themes or experiences that consistently inspire you?
My emotions and feelings at the time directly influence how I approach each painting and every artwork I produce.

When I am feeling calm and peaceful, I notice that my paintings tend to embody a more feminine and euphoric quality.

Conversely, when I'm feeling chaotic or adventurous, I've observed that my paintings take on a heightened contrast and definition between colours. The surrounding elements play a crucial role in evoking these emotions, providing essential support in the initial stages of my creative process.

3. Walk us through your creative process. How do you begin a new piece, especially when exploring colour? Are there particular rituals or routines you follow to get into the creative mindset?
Colour exploration is perhaps the most significant influence in my creative process. I'm constantly observing colours in my surroundings and enjoy experimenting with how they work together.

When I begin a painting, I consciously avoid overthinking it and instead, let my marks evolve organically. It's a process of allowing creativity to flow freely.

Upon entering the studio, my ritual begins with lighting a candle and selecting a playlist. Even the different scents of candles evoke memories of specific moments and emotions.

4. You primarily work with acrylics and occasionally with mixed media. What draws you to these mediums, and are there specific techniques you find particularly effective in conveying the soft and feminine aesthetic present in your art?

Acrylics are my preferred medium—they're familiar, work well for me, and have the added benefit of drying faster than oil paint, especially important with kids and dogs around.

When feeling adventurous, I incorporate mixed media for an extra kick of complexity and texture. I prioritise blending and often diluting my paint to achieve the soft and feminine vibe that defines my art.

5. Your abstract pieces are described as having "serene marks" that create a sense of rest and tranquillity. Can you discuss how you intentionally cultivate this aesthetic in your work? What elements or principles of design do you prioritise to achieve this sense of peace?
I find that this aesthetic isn’t something I deliberately aim for; instead, it emerges naturally in my work. Elements like fluid brushstrokes contribute to a calming flow, subtle contrasts add depth without creating visual tension, and colour palettes play a significant role in the overall feel of the painting.

6. Your goal is to create art that offers moments of respite and relaxation in a busy world. How do you hope viewers will interact with your art, and what emotions or experiences do you aim to evoke in those who encounter your pieces?
I hope viewers engage with my pieces as a form of visual meditation, finding solace and connection within the gentle ebb and flow of the artwork. The emotions of calmness, joy, and perhaps a touch of a sense of beauty are the responses I aim to evoke among those who come across my work.

7. You mention wanting your work to be a soothing presence in any space. How do you think the physical environment or setting influences the perception of your art, and do you consider this factor when creating your pieces?
While I acknowledge that the physical environment influences how art is perceived, I aim to create pieces with universal appeal that can be enjoyed in various spaces. For me, it's more about sharing something I love than focusing too much on how the surroundings might influence it.

8. As an up-and-coming artist, what are your aspirations for the future of your artistic career? Are there specific projects, collaborations, or milestones you are excited to pursue?
Looking ahead, I'm genuinely excited about growing as an artist and continuing to experiment with my style.

While working alone in the studio can feel isolating at times, the prospect of forming connections through meaningful collaborations and supporting one another is something I want to focus on.

The thought of engaging in projects that bring my art to a wider audience and potentially make a positive difference in people's lives truly excites me.

I'm grateful for any chance to contribute to the art world and connect with people through my creations. 

Ree's artist collection is available to view here.
December 11, 2023