If a bathroom reno is on the cards this year, you’re not alone – according to the latest 2022 Houzz & Home Australia report, bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in the house to upgrade.

Not all of us are blessed with the space for a free-standing bathtub, long vanity or walk-in double shower. The good news? While making a small bathroom both functional and stylish can be a challenge, it's certainly possible! Especially when you have the Granite Lane styling girls on hand. 

To make the most of whatever bathroom style or situation you have, we present our favourite small bathroom tips for a space you’ll learn to love. 

1. A space-enhancing go-to
Look at your large surface areas. Your best bet is to go with a one-toned painted wall or large-format tiles for an uninterrupted expanse of colour. This will help to visually trick the eye and enhance a feeling of space. Neutral shades are also a space-enhancing go-to and keep the ceiling white to help your bathroom look that bit bigger with a lighter, brighter feel. 

2. Mirror vanity cabinet
Bathroom vanity cabinets offer many advantages, with one being the opportunity to store items below behind closed doors (goodbye mess).

We know the standard vanity cabinet has become a touch outdated, so we decided to shift the design into something a little more contemporary for our clients. Check out our latest range that will enhance the style and storage of any bathroom space.

Even better? Our newest Bathroom Mirror Vanity Cabinet (name) can install flush with the wall.

3. Round it out. 
Sharp edges aren't the most friendly in tight spaces. Opt for softer finishes in a rounded wall basin, mirror or curved bath. They'll feel less intrusive and will help you avoid any painful middle-of-the-night bumps.

4.  Add some greenery.
Indoor plants will work with whatever space you have making them an ideal finishing touch for a small bathroom. Be guided by your bathroom's limitations when it comes to selection, and remember, no matter how small your shrubbery, it will add a calming balance to the room.

5. Keep it off the floor

For a bathroom with a smaller footprint, going with elements that are elevated is another small bathroom idea you should keep in your design toolkit. Make your walls work that little bit harder and in your favour with a wall-hung vanity, vanity cabinet and toilet. 

6. Don't forget to bring the personality
The biggest mistake people make with a small bathroom is to go with clean, sterile style that bypasses the personality factor, and this is a small bathroom idea worth its weight in gold. Showcase a feature tile or wall colour – one bold feature will give your space pizzazz. Adding personality can also be as simple as curating accessories such as a sculptural vase, a favourite candle or a leafy indoor plant, and even your towels. 

October 31, 2023