Looking to bring the unmistakable Granite Lane style into your home? Here's a little bit about the process and how we collaborate to create a visually stunning and deeply personal space with you:

Online and In-Home Interior Styling Consults

Stage 1: Engage & Consult
Our interior styling consultations offer a completely personalised approach to your interior styling needs. The process begins with an initial meeting with a member of our Styling Team. During this meeting, your stylist gathers information about your preferences, needs, budget, and any specific requirements for the space.

Stage 2: Explore & Develop
After your consultation, using the gathered information, your stylist will develop an initial concept/vision for the space. This will include mood boards and floor plan layouts to articulate the intended interior styling direction. Your stylist will carefully consider your preferences and tastes to create a unique concept that will harmonise with both your distinctive lifestyle and the Granite Lane style.

Stage 3: Refine & Progress
At this stage, our interior stylist will present your concepts and floor plans to you either in-store or via email. This is the ideal time to finalise fabric selections for your custom-made pieces and view samples of finishes for furniture items. Following this meeting, your concepts will be fine-tuned and prepared into a formal quote for pre-order.

Stage 4: The final fit-out:
To enhance your overall experience, our tailored installation service is the next step in elevating your project to its full potential. Our stylists are exceptionally experienced in on-site interior styling and can complete your space, including styling decor items, placing cushions, coordinating and hanging your artwork, and ensuring that every detail is attended to.

With the unmistakable Granite Lane style, we'll collaborate to create a visually stunning and deeply personal space. Your home, your individuality – welcome to the transformation.