At Granite Lane, there is nothing we love more than timeless design.

So, how do we approach interior choices to test drive now and love forever? First, we look to trends that incorporate classic, reliable colours, finishes, and lines.

Hans J. Wegner’s Wishbone Chair is one such design. The appeal of the humble Wishbone chair is widespread and it remains just as relevant today as it did back in the 1950s.

A short history of the Wishbone Chair...

The Wishbone chair was first conceived by Wegner in 1949 and put into production in 1950. Wegner was inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in wide, rounded chairs from the Chinese Ming Dynasty. For the Wishbone chair, he married the back and armrest into a single, steam-bent curve and supported it with the Y-shaped back that gives the design its nickname.

A timeless design 

With its distinctive Y-shaped back and graceful appeal, it's no wonder the Wishbone chair is seen as an elegant classic.

Featuring a simple wood silhouette, the chair exemplifies minimal design.

Made from paper cord rope, a natural and durable material, the seat features a woven envelope pattern. The simple structure of the chair features a sturdy steam-bent wooden top that’s smoothly extended to the sides to also serve as an armrest.

Its Y-shaped backrest structure eliminates the need for multiple black slats, lending the chair a clean and understated look.

Adding style and functionality to any space with its simplicity, the Wishbone chair is a design icon - one to be used in various interior settings for many years to come.

Granite Lane's Wishbone Chair 

Granite Lane's Wishbone Chair is available in several different finishes - Black/Natural, Natural and White/Natural - a colour choice bound to suit any individual’s taste and style, including Contemporary, Scandinavian, and Bohemian homes. 

The Wishbone Chair that can cross eras, deny trends and feel at home in almost any style of interior is now in stock at Granite Lane.

View the collection here.

April 14, 2023