Vessels I Print by Kimmy Hogan



A beautiful Digital Print on Canvas by Australian Artist Kimmy Hogan.

This is a limited edition of 30 per size, signed and numbered on front.

*Pre order prints are unframed




550 x 850mm

700 x 1100mm

900 x 1400mm

1100 x 1700mm

1400 x 2200mm

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Lead Time

The turnaround time for pre-order artwork is approximately 4 weeks, as they are printed to order. Framed items require an additional 2 weeks.

For in-stock artwork, it will be dispatched within 48 hours from our Perth showroom.

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The story of...

Kimmy Hogan

Kimmy finds her happy place by filling journals with loose, flowing flower shapes, relishing in the discoveries that arise during this artistic process. These initial sketches are then digitally redrawn with a purposeful "hand motion" technique, preserving the natural wobbly and wavering lines that give the artwork its authentic charm.

In the realm of digital illustration, Kimmy believes that imperfection is what showcases the human touch. The artwork carries the evidence of her presence, infusing it with soul and character.

Each collection represents a new chapter in Kimmy's artistic journey, as she continues to explore and embrace experimentation while relinquishing the pursuit of perfection.