Salt & Pepper Bottle Grinders - Ash/Carbon (Wooden Top)


Our favourite MENU Bottle Grinders have a rounded base that fits perfectly into the hands, and have a rubber surface that’s easy to grip and to clean. 

Sold as a set, in these minamilist soft Scandinavian ash and carbon tones.  MENU have taken an every day object and created these beautifully stylish and functional grinders.  With a powerful ceramic grinder they are very easy to operate.  You simply open them, fill them with delicious ingredients and close them again. As simple as that.  The unique, inverted design ensures that salt, pepper, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, walnuts – or whatever you fill them with - only sprinkle out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table or in the kitchen.

Details:  20cm (set of 2) in Ash and Carbon (Wooden Top)

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Advice from Menu on the preferred method of cleaning:

After emptying the grinders we recommend, that cleaning is done with lukewarm water mixed with soap flakes while using a soft sponge. This will help clean to the grinder gently and make the matte surface reappear. Please make sure the grinder is wiped off with a clean damp cloth and thoroughly dried off before refilled with salt/pepper.


MENU are a Danish design company who have been creating quality designer interiors for nearly 40 years.   They are well know for collaborating with some of the most talented designers in the world and delivering high quality design with a strong sense of Scandinavian style.  Which they call soft minimalism. 

We are so impressed with the quality of the MENU range that we will be expanding our collection throughout the year. 

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Amazing Quality

Absolutely love the grinders! The quality of these are exceptional!

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