Notebooks 2-Pack Bianca

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The latest collection of Mrs. Mighetto is arriving soon at Granite Lane!

Launching April 2018, 'The Lake Stories" takes place at a secret lake where our new Mrs. Mighetto friends live and work. They include Sea Builders, Guardians of the Lake, Dragons and Mermaids.

Each character possesses their own magical traits and characteristics.

The Lake Stories take place at a hidden lake where you only may visit through the secret portal, which I can promise you, is not easy. Behind the portal live the great and creative Sea Makers’, following by the guards of the lake, creatures, dragons and mermaids.


Miss Bianca is the Sea Makers’ leader and her nest is below the water’s surface. They build tools to help the Lake guards withstand any potential attack. That time when the Story Hunters managed to get through the portal, they stole three dragons’ eggs and ever since then the water’s existence has been under threat. 


Made in Sweden, Mrs Mighetto’s products feature a series of beloved characters who all have their very own name and magical personality. Products are made from original paintings in watercolour and are full of fantasy, history and mystery. 

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