Gold Linen Cushion


The Gold Linen Cushion is designed by Emma Hawtrey with elegance and luxuriousness in mind.

Using only 100% linen along with Emma's original gold art print, this cushion is sure to become the ultimate statement piece in whatever room you decide to put it in.

Each cushion is filled with a luxurious feather insert.

Designed, printed and hand sewn in Australia. 

Dimensions:  40 cm x 60 cm  

FREE Shipping Australia wide


Based in Perth, Hawtrey create a range of beautiful 100% linen cushions focusing on artful textures and muted tones.  The creator Emma released her first range in 2012 and has since released four seasonal ranges which all work back and compliment each other, all made right here in Australia.  The range is inspired by a love of organic texture and the constant want for quality, artful pieces to invest in for the home. Always eager to explore new methods and widen the range, Emma has released her debut framed print series, exploring the moody effects of painted photography with the Floral Series. 

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