Flower L'Ibi Rendered Framed Art by Jai Vasicek


Immerse yourself in the intricate texture of Flower L'Ibi.

 A world first concept by Jai Vasicek, these wall hangings are hand-rendered before printing, giving each piece a unique textured, natural matte finish. 

Inspired by the beautifully rugged rendered walls in Jai's travels in Europe; their essence captured and translated as a canvas for Jai's Artwork.

Our making process means that the texture of the render is preserved, and no protective glass is required. Therefore each piece has a natural handmade appearance that sets it apart from other print methods.

Finished in handmade Tasmanian Oak Frames and ready to hang as a fine art piece.

Bring the earthy warmth and character of a rendered artwork into your interior with the Jai Vasicek Render Edition. 




50 x 59cm

Shipping & Delivery Cost

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Lead Time

The turnaround time for pre-order artwork is approximately 4 weeks, as they are printed to order. Framed items require an additional 2 weeks.

For in-stock artwork, it will be dispatched within 48 hours from our Perth showroom.

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The story of...

Jai Vasicek

For 10 years, Jai embraced a childhood of adventure as a "sea gypsy," living aboard a boat with his family. At the tender age of 18, he embarked on a globetrotting journey, traversing the landscapes of Brazil, Africa, Mongolia, Indonesia, Europe, and various parts of South America. At 23, he returned to Australia, carrying with him a wealth of experiences. Setting his roots in Port Douglas, he courageously opened his first gallery. However, fate intervened when Cyclone Yasi struck in 2011, leading Jai to interpret it as a sign and make his way down to the enchanting Byron Bay.

Jai's artistic creations are an exuberant celebration of mixed mediums. Drawing inspiration from his worldly adventures, his artworks burst forth with vibrant colours, enriched by layers of print and pattern. The sea and forest, exotic creatures, bold motifs, religious iconography, and evocative female forms, ranging from Polynesian beauties to ocean sirens, ignite his creative vision.