Crete Rug


The Crete rugs has a loomed neutral base with the delicate overlined detailing which is hand carved with scissors. The contrasting aqua on light greys gives a very coastal feel and adds texture warmth to your home.

  • Each piece handcrafted and so each are slightly different.
  • The size and colour may present a 3-5% industry standard variance


        • 200 x 300cm
        • 250 x 350cm
        • 300 x 400cm

        Composition: 60% Viscose, 20% Wool, 20% Cotton

        We offer free shipping Australia-wide on our entire rug collection.  All rugs are pre-order items and we estimate delivery within 2-4 weeks from the date you order.  You will receive notification by email within 48 hours to confirm your order and a approximate delivery date to your address.  Please email us at if you have any questions.


        Tribe Home was founded in Australia in 2010 by Tina Richards, Tribe Home was born out of the desire to decorate and a belief that a good room always starts from the ground up.  

        The majority of Tribe Homes rugs are made in India and it is important to them that “Care and Fair” is an integral part of the businesses and suppliers we deal with and that they are aware and supportive of Children’s Welfare and Fair Trade. With the purchase of a Tribe Home rug from India you help to fight illegal child labour and contribute toward the welfare of children and weavers families in the carpet weaving areas.

        "Rugs are an investment so taking care of them to ensure their longevity is important. 
        Here are some things you should keep in mind. Dirt, dust, and other debris rubs against the fibers of a wool rug and can actually damage them. It’s very important to use a quality vacuum to remove this debris on a regular basis at least one or twice a week. Your vacuum is sometimes all you need to keep your rug looking fresh. In the first few years of a rug’s life, it will shed the excess wool fibers left over from the weaving process. These fibers leave a fuzzy appearance all over the rug and should be vacuumed a few times each week. Ok so this might make some of you crazy at the thought, but at least you know its a natural fibre and its a small price to pay for such a beautiful rug"


        Care guidelines: 

         -  Do not pull loose threads or pop ups as we sometimes call them. Instead clip with scissors.
        -  Remove spills immediately. If liquid is spilt blot with a clean white cloth by pressing around the spill.
        -  Light vacuum using a high brush setting regularly, one or twice a week. Don’t allow dust and dirt to settle into the fibres.
        -  Exposure to direct sunlight may result in colour fading. Rugs placed in direct sunlight areas should be turned often.
        -  Pile shedding is a normal characteristic of a textured rug and should settle after 6-12 months.
        -  Occasional professional rug cleaning is recommend to ensure the longevity of your rug. Do not dry clean a wool rug.
        -  Use a rug underlay to maintain the life of your rug and avoid slippage.

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