It's Beautiful Here


It's beautiful here* Hardback Book

Interior design fulfillment can be fleeting. Linen cupboards crash from a ten to a two in a blink and couch cushions need eternal fluffing. It's Beautiful Here attempts to capture the moments of domestic paradise everyone is capable of, without making the mistake of thinking they are permanent--but hoping hard they might be.

With her trademark wit and enthusiasm stylist Megan Morton lets us peek into the abodes of the people who have by luck, chance, or determination nailed that je ne sais quoi of interior decorating. Exclusive interviews with homeowners and helpful how-to sections inspire you to make the dream a reality. From Paris to New York and even Adelaide, you'll meet a motley crew of renters, Barbie Dreamhouse owners and accidental interior heroes, and learn that what really makes a home beautiful isn't just great design--it's shaped by the people who live there.

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