Miss Della - A magical print inspired by a true story.


On February 14, 2018 - Mrs. Mighetto will launch what they regard as the most important prints they have created - Miss Della.
Della was born with cerebral palsy. It was detected before she was born. Della understands and feels so much, but has never been able to speak or walk. Della’s time with her mother and father is limited. Her time with her siblings is limited. Della is one of thousands of children who are born with various disorders. She is a symbol for families that live in constant worry about their unwell child — fears that are impossible to comprehend — but, above all, that they live with indescribable love for their own miracle.
"When we first came in contact with Della and her family, we had mixed feelings. We were impressed by how her family managed to be so happy and energetic undeterred by the difficult situation of living with a sick child with special needs.
We were inspired by how they live in the present and show humility towards everyday moments without dwelling on the uncertainty that always looms over them.
We were also in awe of how they dared and wanted to share their situation with others, to both those who are familiar with it as well as those who find it completely foreign. Showing and teaching the outside world the magic of diversity."
After meeting Della , it felt completely natural for Malin & Anna to create a print inspired by her. The girl with brown curls that glitter for all the world to see makes for a portrait that differs from the others in many ways.
Miss Della is not limited edition, but will instead live forever. Our wish is for Miss Della to always be with us. The poster comes in size the 70x50 cm, something Mrs. Mighetto have never done before.


"Della’s family has given us insight into another reality. We not only feel humbled by their situation, but also very grateful to have been able to meet them. 
Of all the 53 motifs we have launched, Miss Della is the most meaningful. She is real.
We love imagination and everything about our invented world but none of our previous characters have been based on a real person. It felt wonderful and also very frightening." 
Share in the magic and add Miss Della to your collection here.
$4 from each poster sold worldwide will be donated directly to The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) and its work in the area of brain disease, injury and disability.  

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